Free Guided Meditation: Earth Color Experience for Deep Grounding
Painting from Margo Ruiter from the series Terra dimension - Rust-brown - 2016

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Become more grounded in your body

portrait Margo Ruiter with blue dress and brown background, made by studio POP pictures, NLD

This guided meditation will help you experience not only the well-known chakras located in the torso, but also allow you to go even deeper into your legs, exploring the feminine earth chakras.

Within 20 minutes you will experience:

  • being more present in your body
  • feeling more peaceful and relaxed
  • renewed focus
  • increased clarity
  • better sleep at night

For a longer period of time, I have been listening to this meditation several times a week. It really helps me feel more peaceful in my body and become more aware of my legs and feet. It keeps me 'down to earth'. Thank you so much for this; it is a great help!

Margareth Leijten

This meditation is perfect. Thank you so much for this. I listen to it every day. In my profession, I have to stand on my feet all day. After listening to this meditation regularly, my tired legs don't feel as painful anymore.

Astrid Ende

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